Themed Parties

Strawberry Heaven

Calling all our strawberry fanatics out there who just want to feel nothing but strawberry delicious

  • girls spa party
    • Individual foot spas with pink and red water and rose petals.
    • Pink spa robes
    • Strawberry room spray
    • strawberry face mask, with cucumbers
    • Strawberry foot exfoliation
    • Hot towels
    • Relaxing strawberry arm and hand massage.
    • Strawberry facial - Cleanse, tone, moisturise.
    • Head massage
    • Shoulder massage
    • Neck massage
    • manicure - file, shape and polish.
    • pedicure - file, shape and polish Sanitise, mini massage on feet & lower leg with strawberries & cream' lotion, revitalising foot spray.
    • Muffins or cupcakes on stand
    • Strawberry and fruit platter
    • Strawberry or Chocolate fountain (Plates,napkins,skewers and cups all provided by us)
    • Marshmallows
    • Oreo biscuits
    • Strawberry milkshake
    • Get Lippy' game
    • Latest chart music
    • Ending with a red catwalk
    • Photos taken throughout party sent via email.